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Our Values Affect

Everything We Do

As soon as we stepped on campus, we knew it was a special place. The joy, energy, and life on the faces of every student we met said it all. There is a heart to know Christ here, and that is a rare and beautiful thing! My 9 year old recently said, "Mom, I'm so glad I'm in only in 3rd grade. I love that I have so many years ahead of me. I love going to this school!"

Guenna MulletMom of Elementary, Jr. High, and High School students

Seeing our twin girls thrive in college prompted us to ask the question ‘how did USCO prepare you for higher education’? Both girls answered that the university model of our school equipped them with time management skills that enabled them to succeed beginning with first semester freshmen year. Both observed their friends struggling with how to balance schoolwork, social life and other extra curricular activities. USCO allows the transition from guided learning to independent learning to happen gradually and appropriately as the students move from middle school to high school. The spiritual care and discipling received while attending USCO was/is a vital part of building a strong, Christ-centered foundation in our daughters.

Kris HubbardMom of two graduates and a sophomore

We are a missionary family that travels internationally. The University School is a model that works so well for our family. The administration and teachers are amazing and encourage/help us whether we are in Colorado or overseas.

Jamie TuvesonMom of Elementary students


USCO exists to ignite a passion for Jesus in students through experiences in worship, academics, missions, leadership, and adventure.

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