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the best fit for you?

Answer these questions:

  • Do you believe that parent involvement is an integral part of your child’s education?

  • Does our tuition fit in your family’s budget?

  • If your child is K4-5th grade, is one parent able to stay home on Mondays and Fridays for home instruction days?

  • If your child is 6th – 12th grade, is your child self-motivated and do they have healthy time management skills?

  • Would your family be in agreement with our Statement of Faith and be able to sign it?

  • Do you and your family attend church weekly and are you actively involved in a ministry there?

  • Does your student have a clean record, without any suspensions, expulsions, drug use, criminal charges, or violent behavior?

  • Is your child free from any learning disabilities that require additional support in the classroom?

If you answered yes to all of the questions above, it is possible that USCO is the school for you.


UPDATED FOR 2020-2021

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Payment Options

Choose the option that best fits your family.

To be paid in full by June 1st via FACTS


To be paid in 2 installments. First installment to be paid by June 1st and balance due on December 1st via FACTS. More information is available on our website under FACTS.


To be paid in 10 equal installments from June through April. USCO requires that all monthly plans be managed through the FACTS Tuition Management Program. The draw will be made on the 1st of every month. The annual enrollment fee is $46 per family and will be deducted from your account prior to the first tuition payment. There is a $30 late fee if funds are not available when the attempt is made for withdrawal. A second attempt is made on the 20th of the month.

Tuition Management Information


FACTS is a payment plan provider and tuition manager most widely used by private, faith-based, and public schools nationwide. Since 1986, FACTS has grown to serve more than 5,000 schools and have processed payments for more than two million families.

FACTS help families like yours meet their financial obligations in a simple, convenient way that is completely confidential and secure. Because it is not a loan program, FACTS does not assess any interest or finance charges, and there is no credit check.

Schools using FACTS tell us that our service provides a better way for them to more efficiently manage the fee collection process while offering convenience to their families.

In addition to collecting payments, we provide the schools with a variety of financial and management reports. We also help schools control their costs so that future fee increases are kept at the lowest possible level. This enables schools to focus on the quality of education all students receive.

Additional Program Info

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