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Love student ministry and the outdoors? Wondering what you will do after college? The University School in Colorado Springs is offering an internship for pre-graduates or graduates who want to serve in ministry and have a passion for the outdoors. USCO is a Christian university-model private school, meaning we meet 3 days a week on campus and students are at home the other 2. Rather than focusing on athletic extracurricular activities, we have the unique opportunity to provide adventure classes. Our adventure program exists to cultivate lifelong servant leaders, united as a team to become more like Christ and strive to build skills that empower students to live adventurously in God’s creation.

As our school and program grow our need for quality adventure teachers increases. This unique internship gives participants not only the opportunity to learn new skills and experience God’s creation in amazing ways. But it at the end of the program, participants may be offered a position at The University School as a part-time adventure teacher.

Adventure Program Highlights:

  • 9 JH and HS adventure classes + elementary programs
  • 100+ students participating each year
  • Average 6 trips a year per class
  • Disciplines we teach: Canyoneering, Rock Climbing, Ice Climbing, Sailing, Backpacking, Navigation, Camping, Adventure Races


Participants must agree with the school’s key components of the faith.

  • Bachelor’s degree or on track to receive one – either Junior year summer, Senior or graduate
  • Heart for student ministry – Adventure is simply a means to experience Christ and disciple students.
  • Primary work is with people, via adventure
  • Outdoor experience – expertise not required, but some experience needed. If you do not like being uncomfortable or challenged this may not suit you.
  • Participants must be healthy: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually

Time Frame

Training – March 21st –  24th Canyoneering Trip

For the March Trip all training costs, food, ground transportation, and lodging will be covered.

Participant responsible for arriving in Colorado Springs

Start date: on or around May 20th 

End date: on or around August 12th


Professional and Educational Opportunities

  • Free housing in beautiful and exciting Colorado Springs.
  • The internship is unpaid, however, you will receive a stipend for food
  • A chance to experience God’s creation as most people don’t
  • Interact and disciple students who desire Jesus
  • Training in vertical sports, team building, and leading.
  • By the end of the internship, you will know how to set up rappels, knots, advanced canyoneering techniques, sport climbing, belaying, and how to instruct students in basic outdoor skills.
  • Organizing and helping to lead week-long adventure trips for students
  • Organizing local day camps for students
  • Creating a curriculum for our adventure classes.
  • Gear inventory and organization
  • Learn skills on ration planning
  • At the end of the internship, some participants may be offered part-time jobs as adventure teachers at The University School.


How to Apply

Send a compelling electronic cover letter and résumé, or questions to:

Jeff Cooper

Head Administrator and Director of Adventure