Worship of Jesus Christ is our supreme joy and purpose in life. We hold fast to this belief and place worship as our primary goal and value.


We educate and equip our students for life beyond the classroom. We set students up for success by giving them the tools and experiences needed to excel in college and beyond.


Our desire is for students to see, experience, and engage with God’s heart for the world, both locally and globally, and become passionate followers of Christ that seek to have an active part in God’s ushering of His kingdom to Earth for the rest of their lives.


Instead of being led by every idea and doctrine that comes their way, we enable our students to stand tall when hostility arises and to be a light to darkness. Our leadership value underlines everything we do.


We believe the classroom happens beyond desks, whiteboards, and powerpoint. Some of the biggest lessons in life are learned under the stars, rappelling off cliffs, and beholding the beauty of God in creation.